Dizart CNC

is the official distributor of IRSROBOTICS, SprutCAM and CadCam Store for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

Our products

Robots for 3D sculpting & printing

Great for creating 3D sculptures in softer materials, and for 3D printing.

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Machines for engraving that can be used to work with different materials such as: wood, stone, plastics, forex, aluminum panels, plexiglass, alubond panels… Engraving machines are intended for precise engravement and cutting of non-metal materials as well as colored metals.

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Through years of experience, we have developed a plethora of routing machines for different materials, which found its uses in several branches of industrial production: stonecutting, woodworks, metal industry, advertising industry.

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Tangential Cutter

Tangetial cutter is a machine intended for cutting non-metal materials such as paper, cardboard, rubber, styrofoam, forex, and others.

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In the modern production process, lasers represent an indispensible technological solution. We have developed a wide range of laser-cutting machines and laser engravers, which use differing source types (CO2, YAG, Fiber) and feature varying work surface sizes up to 4x2m. These differences allow for flexibility and overall increased capacity for dealing with both non-metal and metal materials.

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Using a FlameCut series CNC, the process of gas and plasma cutting is technologically, the most economic process of cutting metals in terms of speed, precision, and price per cut.

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Bending machine

Machines for bending plexiglass materials is a very useful additon to your CNC or laser-cutter.

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Our story

Dizart CNC has been producing CNC machines intended
for different application for the past 15 years.

The first CNC router product left our shop in 2005, the first CO2 laser in 2010, the first 3D printer in 2011, the first plasma machine in 2014, and the first laser-cutter for metal in 2015. Our client base has been steadily growing throughout our company history.

Currently, our machines are working in 4 countries of Ex-Yugoslavia, 5 countries of the EU, and in the US and Australia through our distribution channels present there.

Since October 2018, Dizart CNC with the support of Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, has been providing training and education for CNC operators/programmers.

This free training course can be attended by unemployed persons through the Office for employement of Sarajevo Canton. Advantage is given to unemployed persons registered with the bureau of Novi Grad municipality. The course lasts for a 3-month period and will repeat in cycles.



Latest news

We’ve been producing CNC machines for the past 15 years.

All of our products include a one-year special warranty under which we guarantee that any issue will be resolved in a way that your machine will resume operation within 24 hours. Superior support and training are part of all our product offerings.

We have achieved full part autonomy, so that all required parts are produced in the shop (apart from the ones that have to be imported). This allows us full control over quality and deadlines.

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