Dizart Ltd. is an official representative for SprutCAM and IRS ROBOTICS for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia


SprutCAM is intended for use in all sectors of industrial production where CNC machines or robots are used for processing material by machining, 3D printing, welding or cutting.
SprutCAM can be used for many types of CNC machines and robots, regardless of complexity, manufacturer, CNC type or size.
SprutCAM can generate nc codes for making single pieces, stamps, molds / molds, prototypes, engraving patterns of inscriptions, images, etc.
SprutCAM is used by both large companies with many CNC machines and small companies with only one or two machines.
With SprutCAM Robot you can program any industrial robot offline from a single working environment, regardless of size or manufacturer.
It is a very efficient solution for creating complex and collision-free 3D movements for 6 or more axes.
It is therefore not necessary to transform 5-axis movements into 6 or more axis robot movements using an external program.
SprutCAM Robot is a solution for the efficient use of industrial robots.
For various industries such as wood and plastics, this combination is a very interesting budget alternative to the expensive 5-axis machining centers.

CadCAM store

CADCAMstore is a distributor of  SprutCAM Tech LTD  in the Benelux, France and former Yugoslavia.

In addition, CADCAMstore has a partnership with IRS Robotics and DamenCNC, this collective is engaged in delivering solutions in 3D robot milling and printing, which they deliver worldwide.

CADCAMstore is located in the Netherlands.


Team IRS Robotics® is one of the world’s largest suppliers of A-brand refurbished industrial robots, in everyday speech also known as: used, second hand or experienced robots. In addition, IRS supplies robot spare parts and independent robot service on robots of the brands ABB, Fanuc and KUKA. Another core of activities is providing independent advice and robot training.

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