The DIZART Education Center, announces

EIGHTH PUBLIC INVITATION to apply for interested unemployed persons to attend vocational training for programming and working on CNC and laser machines 

I. Introduction
The DIZART Education Center is registered in the Register of Organizers of Adult Education of the Cantons
Sarajevo also implements the Professional Development Program for CNC and Laser Programming and Work
machinery in the field of wood and metal industry.

II. The subject of the Public Invitation
The DIZART Training Center invites interested unemployed persons in need of training
to acquire new skills and abilities to work and program on CNC and laser machines to be
applications to attend the Professional Development Program in the field. Curriculum
will implement competent persons with many years of work experience in this field
modernly equipped educational facilities with a focus on gaining practical knowledge. Expert
training aims to increase job opportunities for unemployed persons through promotion
their competences and abilities, that is, to provide skilled labor with current ones
labor market needs in the wood and metal industries.

III. Target group
Unemployed persons registered in the records of the Public Employment Service may apply for the Public Invitation
Canton Sarajevo – Bureau Novi Grad Sarajevo with minimum formal secondary education, a
Priority is given to technical occupations (mechanical technician and related occupations). The program implies
training of a group of 5 persons per cycle.

IV. Location and timeframe of professional development
The professional development program will be implemented in the capacities of the DIZART Training Center at
address Halilovići br. 45, office building number 21. within the Safet Zajko Center for Education, Sports and Recreation
The course lasts three months or 150 hours.

V. Financial framework and required documentation
Professional training under this Public Invitation for End Users, more specifically unemployed persons who
are on the records of the Public Employment Service of the Canton of Sarajevo, free of charge.
The following must be submitted with the application form:
– Testimony / Diploma
– Certificate from the records of the unemployed of the Public Employment Services of the Canton of Sarajevo
– CV with a picture and job description that you have done so far

VI. Method and deadline for application
Applications under this Public Invitation with supporting documentation should be sent by mail to,
by 10/1/2020. The DIZART Education Center reserves the right to extend the application deadline by
Public invitation with active mediation of the Public Employment Service of KS for the purpose of securing
the number of applications required.

VII. More information
Applicants who meet the criteria in point III. this Public Invitation will be notified exclusively
by mail about the date of the oral interview. For any additional information regarding this Call, you can
to contact the Organizer of Education – DIZART Education Center via e-mail

Download here:

Application form