Gold L

Intended for manufacture of gold and silver jewlery and processing of colored metals and non-metal materials. 

  • Surface: 400 x 400 mm
  • Power: 2.2 kW


GOLD L with a work surface of 400×400 mm is our most advanced engraving machine and currently our most sold machine in the EU.

Due to its granite construction base, it features superior precision becasuse the operation vibrations have been minimised.

The machine has a 2.2 kW machining head, featuring automatic cutter tool switching and a diamond engraver head. The machines are operated by 4.5 Nm step motors or via AC SERVO, depending on your requirements.

Other models

Gold S

with a work surface of 230×170 mm it is the smallest machine in our assortment.

Gold M

has a work surface of 400 x 400 mm and it is the cheapest machine that we offer.

Mini Me Edu

intended for CNC operator educational centres and more serious work with aluminium and similar materials.

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