At the time of the escalation of the COVID-19 virus, Dizart participated in a humanitarian action lounched by CGPdesign team Sarajevo. The idea  was to start the production of protective visors for medical workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which whould be distributed completly free of charge as part of that action. We made the visors with PETG foil and 3D printed parts. 


 Dizart immediately responded and gave all his space and 3D printers for use. Many companies responded to this invitation, and together we managed to distribute a large number of visors. 


Companies that participated in the action initiated bz the CGPdesign team :  Mašinski fakultet Sarajevo, 3D Republika, Make3D, Alim, A2B, Bihart souvenirs shop, Neon Hearth doo, MojSan, Neno doo, AluKoenigStahl BiH, Gong, Oxygen d.o.o., Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti, Ultimaker, BEMA BA d.o.o., BAPAS consulting, Fortuna digital, ULTIREX, Udruženje ‘Život sa Down sindromom FBiH’, Green Energy Solution doo, SNEA doo. 5th DIMENSION doo, HAS Robotics, Auto-Projekt Nadogradnje, Save The Children, Srednja škola metalskih zanimanja Sarajevo, Srednja tehnička škola grafičkih tehnologija dizajna i multimedije Ilidža 

A large number of students, highschool students and all those who had 3D printers in their homes  joined this action.