Mini Me Edu

is intended for training centers of CNC operators and for more serious processing of aluminum and similar materials.

  • Surface: 600 x 400 mm
  • Power: 2.2 kW


The MiniMe Edu has a working height of 600x400mm and a Z-axis stroke of 120mm. This gives it a wide range of jobs to do

It comes standard with a 2.2 KW machining head but can also carry heads with semi-automatic tool change and soon with automatic tool change

The drive motors are 2.5 Nm step motors or 400W AC servo

Other models

Gold S

with a work surface of 230×170 mm it is the smallest machine in our assortment.

Gold M

has a work surface of 400 x 400 mm and it is the cheapest machine that we offer.

Gold L

with a work surface of 400 x 400 mm, it is the most advanced engraver machine we offer, and our most sold machine in the EU..

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