Dizart Robots


For over 40 years, robots have been a part of our world.

They were mostly used in large factories and did “simple” and tedious operations where they were much more efficient than humans.

They were limited by the small memory and the amount of actions they could perform.

Then they started working on the Windows platform and the possibilities became endless.

Recently, enthusiasts around the world are beginning to use them for operations they were never intended for

Dizart is already part of that world.

We have contacts with companies that are pioneers in the field and we participate equally in that development.



In early 2021, Dizart began  a robo-center. We plan to show the possibilities of using robots in small businesses and even in the craft industry.

The next step is to open a school for offline-robo programming where we plan to bring robots closer to as many young people as possible

Contact us

Park Safet Zajko, Halilovići 45, Sarajevo 71000

+387 61 131 536